Monday, March 5, 2007

Describe a memorable teacher you have had

The teacher I will always remenber is my math teacher Mr. Dunning.He showed me alot of things of life that till today I still remember his advices.Anytime I had a problem of any kind he was always their to count on.Mr. Dunning would always be straight out with me and tell me the things that where right and the things that were not right.He would always let me know that my education was first then anything and I hard to work hard to be someone in life.He would always tell me that maybe someday I would take his teaching class over if I would put all of my effort.
On my senior year I went to visit him and he looked all sad.I asked him what was going on and he told me that this was going to be his last year of teaching and that he was going to miss me.So what I did was on my graduation day I asked him to hand me my diploma, he agreed and gave me and hug so tight like if he didn't want to let go.
It was 7:00pm and I was gathering some students to do a good buy letter to Mr.Dunning everybody signed it and aggreed to participate.So at 8:30pm after our principle gave his speech we all got up and I went forward to read the letter and after I was done he came up gave a thank you speech I handed him the card we had all signed with an album of all of his student and told him we were never going to forgive him and I haven't yet.

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